Lamps and features

2017-08-16 17:30:14


Lamps and features
The design of the color changer simplifies the number of stage lamps, reduces the labor intensity of the light operator, and saves the capital contribution. Therefore, it is a kind of equipment which can not be equipped with the current stage equipment. Device and point and color changer two.
1. Stage mechanical color changer: its depiction is simple, the price is low for the 20th century 80-90 times the middle of the mainstream goods, the current close to the screening.
The same time as
2. Stage computer color changer: In recent years the development of a new color changer, the choice of international standard DMX-512 signal output, can be controlled by the special control Lu, can also be connected to the computer dimming console use, it has more Way, high precision, large capacity, control interval and other characteristics of the distance, into the current shopping malls of the mainstream products.