Lamps and features

2017-08-16 17:31:34


Lamps and features
The current mall dimmer, the primary imitation dimmer and digital dimmer.
1. imitation dimmer: the use of imitation dimming skills, the output signal for 0-10v one to one output. Often imitate the dimmer depicts a simple, less control device, poor dimming curve, but the lower price of shopping malls, easy to learn to grasp, for the 20th century, 70 to the mid-90s mainstream products. There are 3 Road, 6 Road, 9 Road, 12 Road, 18 Road, 24 Road, 60 Road, 120 lights, each road power more than 8KW, but there are 2KW, 4KW, the number of roads as one machine, For the split machine.
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2. Digital dimmer: the use of sound machine skills for the DM512 digital signal. Digital dimming console easy to use, its dimming function, backup function, marshalling function, dimming curve are better than imitate the dimming console, functional prices are more reasonable. In the know the lamp, lamp features and control equipment and color changer, you can according to the characteristics of different, the size of the plan to use.